Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alpha Entrepreneur Brings Message of Growth to Energy Technology Summit

Mike Quillen is no stranger to go-go energy having now built one of the largest coal-producing energy firms in America - Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (ANR) - with nearly $2-billion in annual revenue. [Video]

Quillen “is one of the most tested, experienced coal mining executives in the United States today…(he) emerged from a battered coal industry to forge Alpha Natural Resources, almost overnight, into Virginia’s largest coal producer – and one of its largest, most profitable companies,” according to Virginia Newswire’s editor, James Bacon.

A Virginia Tech engineering graduate, Quillen will bring his talent and insights on new energy technologies to the 2008 Energy Technology Summit Monday, April 7 as the summit's fourth speaker requiring innovative participant thinking to go underground.

Southwestern Virginia Technology Council Executive Director Esther Bolling will introduce the 2006 the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year and 2006 Virginia Tech College of Engineering’s Distinguished Alumnus to the membership/delegates attending the Energy Technology Summit. [Video]

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