Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elecrtic Cars Challenge the Energy Grid

General Motors Corporation's Monica Murphy, a veteran auto industry representative, will electrify the 2008 Energy Technology Summit delegates with her lithesome descrption of the new hydrid vehicles coming on-line in the coming years - including the much-buzzed GM Volt [video].

New hybrid electric cars and SUVs are in high demand with the motoring public as gasoline prices advance to the $4 per gallon range. General Motors is working to meet the new demand early in the next decade. You can hear the sound of the future humming in an American manufacturing revolution as Ms. Murphy tells of the mirthful and jocund automotive era ahead.

One of the real questions faced by Detroit automakers is whether or not the elecrtic energy grid can sustain hundreds of thousands [if not millions] of autombiles being charged at night. Even if the electric vehicle can quite significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on foreign-produced oil in a V2G [vehicle to the grid] drive, sufficient off-peak electricity must be made available to recharge the automobile batteries.

NASA DEVELOP student Chelsea Rose will introduce the representatives from GM and Ford to discuss electric cars and conclude the 2008 Energy Technology Summit with new electric propulsion auto demonstrations.

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