Saturday, March 29, 2008

Commercial Wind Farm Regulation by the State Corporation Commission Topic of Energy Tech Summit Interest

William H. Chambliss, the General Counsel of the State Corporation Commission, will relate to the 2008 Energy Technology Summit the recent regulatory approval of Virginia's first commercial wind energy permit issued by the SCC for the Highland New Wind Development, LLC last December.

The State Corporation Commission has granted conditional approval for the 39-MW Highland New Wind Development project that, if actually developed, will involve construction of twenty 400-foot turbines and associated infrastructure in the remote and ecologically unique northwest corner of Virginia’s Highland County.

Chambliss joined the Commission in 1992, serving first as a staff attorney in the Office of General Counsel and then as Assistant to Commissioner Hullihen Williams Moore. In April 1997, Mr. Chambliss was appointed Deputy General Counsel, with responsibilities over the Commission’s utility and telecommunication regulatory matters. Today he serves as General Counsel to the State Corporation Commission.

Southwestern Virginia Technology Council President-elect Shannon Blevins will introduce the General Counsel of the Virginia State Corpration Commission as the summit's eighth speaker. Summit delegates can count on this presentation not to drive your thinking-wits batty! [video 1 and video 2]

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